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spambots <3

2010-04-03 13:59:37 by rocknrolleater

Cami_pewps says (10:55 AM):
how do these bots work?
Mona says (10:56 AM):
no im not, if you dont wanna talk to me then i can leave
Cami_pewps says (10:56 AM):
Mona says (10:56 AM):
nah, I am a vegetarian... no spam for me! haha


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2010-04-03 14:02:24

Try to baffle it with simple HTML


2010-04-04 23:12:11

Show it your tits it should explode i know

P.S Go to sleep


2010-05-09 02:06:19 says:
hey cutie
Jamie says:
who the hell are you?? says:
Yay someone to talk to !! how are u? I found your name in the msn online members search
Jamie says:
weird.. says:
my roomates just stepped out I only have a little while alone... are u alone too? we should cam2cam
Jamie says:
no. says:
K here's the link to my cam it's go there and you should see me, just click the join free tab on top of the page, I use this site cause you can't record it like on here -- my dad would kill me if he found out I was doing this kinky stuff on his computer lol
Jamie says:
no. says:
LOL aw you're cute.. well can u see my cam it was giving me trouble earlier but it looks ok now? oh I hope u dont mind chatting with a kinky girl!
Jamie says:
oops forgot the capitalization on my last no. No. says:
yeah i'm horny lolz! u? Wait you're not a stalker are u?? LOL
Jamie says:
Yes I am, actually. says:
Mhhm u never know lol I have to make sure! babe u sound confident I like that .. maybe we can trade phone numbers after we chat on cam ? I'd love to...
Jamie says:
1-800-fuck-off says:
....nice well u can also just watch me if u's up to u oh babe what's your favorite color?
Jamie says:
the number 8 says:
make sure u fill out your correct b-day k? cause they won't let u in if you can't verify age I had to use my debit card to verify age but they don't charge, it's just to make sure you're not a kid
Jamie says:
I like playing xbox 360, do you? What are your favourite games? says:
I'm gonna turn off Messenger so my cam doesn't run I really want u to watch me, I'm getting so turned on it's driving me crazy
Jamie says:
Thanks for completely ignoring me, you ass. Why don't you pay attention to me?? You are always wanting me to give you attention, I want some. Quit being a stuck up cunt and pay attention to my xbox 360 question. What games do you play? says:
really... that word is NOT necessary... don't you have better things to do than sit here and talk shit?
Jamie says:
You have aids. says:
are u in babe?? Let me know when you see me, I'll be in my cam chat, we'll keep talking in there I just put on those panties for u ! hurry up ! if u need the link again it's , I'm in my private chat so if u see another cam just login and let me know when you're in, I'll guide you to my cam room
Jamie says:
I'm not going there, I could catch aids. You have them, and I don't want to risk it. says:
Jamie says:


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